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Alison Rotondo

V is awesome. He is an extremely knowledgeable trainer with a medical background (which was most appealing to me), so he knows what you need and how to push you in a safe way. He listens to his client’s goals and observes their areas of development and focuses there whole building on their strengths. For example, I was getting married to wanted to be lean but strong with definition but also needed to work on flexibility. V has developed workouts for me that address all 3. As a former D1 college athlete, I haven’t had better training in my life than with V. Book a session with him ASAP!

Anvi Arora

I worked with V for almost a year (the only reason I stopped is because I moved out of the city). He not only helped me get in shape and improve my general health, he completely changed my outlook on how to approach fitness mentally.

I think it’s really rare to find a trainer who has such a human approach to the way they do things, he truly cares holistically about his clients health and well-being. V knows how to get results and doesn’t buy at all into any of the fitness/nutrition pseudo-science bs that’s out there.

I genuinely never thought I would be able to attain and maintain the level of strength I’m at now, and I don’t think it’s something I could have done on my own

Julie Dolan

I'm seeing results and feeling more confident. I came to V a couple of months ago after getting an osteoporosis (OP - decreased bone density and quality that can lead to greater fracture risk) diagnosis in my spine. Reading that heavy weights can increase bone density, I looked for a trainer with experience with OP clients. V's medical background and training experience sold me and I've been happy. He's worked with my budget finding other clients with similar needs and strength for my sessions. Our twice/week hour sessions are yielding results so that after building up my stabilizing muscles and working around my bum knee and runner tightness we're getting into the weight ranges that make my friends use the wow emoji face. The workouts have been varied, the music selections good, and V's direction, support, and camaraderie invaluable.

Scott Goodwin

V is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He knows how to get me as strong as possible in the shortest amount of time. I’m shocked how much progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time.

Injuries are why I’ve had to stop lifting in the past. V shows me how to lift so I will not injure myself. Finally, I see strength training as a long term exercise since V is teach the correct methods for lifting.
Since starting my fitness journey with V, I’ve gained seven pounds of lean muscle and have lost two inches in my waist. I’m looking forward to continuing working towards meeting my fitness goals, surpassing them, and developing new goals with V.

I don’t usually write reviews, but Atlanta should know what a great trainer V is (even at the risk of him becoming too popular and booked to train with me). I’ve worked with a few different trainers over the years, and V is the best, by far.
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