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Life Stress and Adjusting Training

Effective training stresses your body to make it better. Other stressors; like work, family, and lack of sleep; compete with physical adaptations. The more you minimize stress in other areas of your life, the more resources you will have available to recover from demanding training, and the quicker you will see progress. If you aren’t in a position to reduce other life demands, you need to adjust your training volume down to a level that you are able to recover from and commit to regularly. As I’ve said many times before, this can be as simple as push-ups, squats, and walking. Just do something until you are in a better position to devote to more demanding training. Focus on making manageable levels of daily activity a habit, and ramp things up when you have the time and resources to do so. Remember, your trainer does this for a living, and even given ample time under optimal conditions, it’s still hard. Give yourself a break and manage your expectations. Perfect is the enemy of good.

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