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Fix the Donut, Not the Hole!

When experiencing an injury or some sort of limitation, the natural tendency is to put your life on hold in order to devote all your energy to addressing the problem. This is a recipe for frustration and eventual despair.

Often, regardless of the nature of the injury or disability, there are many things you can still do. Think Stephen Hawking. Think the “blade runner” guy who may or may not have murdered his wife. Ask any Paralympic athlete.

Your body is amazing at compensating for any disability you may have, but it helps to take your focus off of it. Focus on the things you can do. If you need to devote time to rehabilitating the affected area, do that, too, but don’t make your disability your identity. You are bigger than your injury. Channel your energy into the things that still work. Even if it’s something that is responsive to rehabilitation, you can’t force the process. You can simply set up the conditions for the body to heal itself, but it’s not a matter of will. Do what you can, and let nature take its course. That applies to everything in life.

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